About Our Team

Anat Koren

Anat has a bachelor’s degree in Business and heads the marketing for a biotech company by day and a superhero by night: Climbs, runs, volunteers, paints and make beautiful weddings come to life. Has been part of Simcha Maker’s team since Day One.

Adi Porat Tavor

Adi (Married + 3) find fulfillment in creating family’s dreams. Her purpose is to bring to life meaningful personal events, fundraising events for local charities and managing conventions and exhibitions. Adi worked for for Johnson & Johnson in Israel and has close ties and connections with the Israelis suppliers. Adi earned her BA in Business and Sociology , MBA from Derby College, and Teaching Certificate from The Israeli Ministry of Education.

Rey Muskal

Happily married, Rey has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, film & television from Tel Aviv University.  Rey worked as a film, theatre and art exhibition producer and has many years of experience volunteering with children and mentally ill adults as an animal assisted therapist.