A Bat/Bar Mitzvah for a Jewish boy and girl is an important ceremony to mark his change of status from youth to adulthood. Simcha Maker offers the full, hassle free Bat/Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

Similarly to our other event production services, we offer you the traditional places to have your Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremony, but any location is a venue in our eyes. Options for a Bat/Bar Mitzvah range from the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the Southern Wall, Massada or any location in Israel that holds meaning to you. Some Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebrations we helped people with were in ancient synagogues in historic sites – proving to be a both meaningful and memorable occasion. Another important element to the Bat/Bar Mitzvah is the Rabbi who will ensure that the ceremony will be a special Simcha for both your child and your family.
There are many ways that we can help you to create a meaningful, memorable and quality celebration for your son and daughter. There are many “themes” you can choose from for you Bat/Bar Mitzvah, for example: sports, popular characters, community donation and so many others. The way we work with you is simple – you decide how much or little to involves us – our goal is to help, assist, facilitate and arrange; we always remember that this is your event rather than “our production”.

Our service includes the entire planning of the simcha of your choice, including the locations of the ceremony itself, the celebratory party, your accommodation, any trips you might want to make and any other requests you will ask for. Please browse our production services section to see what can be incorporated in your Bat/Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

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