Chantal and Nic’s Wedding

Hey Adi,

When Nic and I woke up this morning for our first day of work as a married couple, we were filled with disbelief. Not only is it hard to understand that the wedding frenzy is over, we can’t believe that we no longer have an Adi to organize our life for us!

I was actually very nervous about getting engaged. Not because I didn’t want to marry Nic (that was always clear) but because it seemed that just because I was born a female, I would intuitively know how to plan a wedding.

However, as soon as we met with you, we could breath a sigh of relief. You have been so amazing throughout this whole process – holding our hands through the difficult tasks of Israeli bureaucracy and ensuring that all the mundane parts of wedding planning were more of a delight than a chore.

We really cannot thank you enough for your part in making our wedding so special.

Thank you so much for your hard work, patience and support.

Let’s be sure to stay in touch.

All our love

Chan and Nic