Event Consulting


Mazel Tov! You are engaged :- )

Now what? what shall we do from here? Want an oversea wedding in the holy land? Do not get panic- we are here for you!

If you’ll decide to do a DIY wedding and want some advices- we will be happy to meet for a Skype chat. We will sxplain you everything about how to make your event in Israel and you’ll decide if you want consultation only or to use our full production.

We will provide consulting on WHERE- the best locations in Israel. WHEN- at what day  you will get the best deal? HOW- how you’ll deal with Israelis supplier? HOW you’ll make your wedding different and unique ?WHAT you will do to take care of as a planner of yourself .WHEN- when is the prefect weather to have your wedding? So many questions to deal with ! We will not finish the chat until you’ll feel calm 🙂



When is a good weather? 
Which dishes shall we choose? 
How to deal with the Israelis suppliers? 
What time to start the wedding? 
Shall we have an after party food? 
How shall you pay the suppliers? 
How shall you pay the suppliers? 
Shall we have a welcome cocktail ? 
How to deal with the coaches? 
What are the quality hotels to stay in? 
What is the ultimate time plan? 
Shall we use a DJ/Band/Live instruments? 

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